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A Cookbook for a Cause

Need a fundraiser guaranteed to succeed?

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No matter what organization you’re a part of, fundraising cookbooks are an easy way to create awareness in your community, strengthen relationships within your group, have fun, and most importantly, raise money! Create a unique fundraiser cookbook to raise money for your organization, church, charity, or favorite cause. Follow the simple steps below for a no-fail fundraiser.

4 Easy Steps to a Successful Fundraiser Cookbook

Set Up a Committee

Gather a few of your organization’s all-stars to help you to create your fundraiser cookbook.

Gather Recipes

Ask friends, members, local celebrities, and anyone else! Type your recipes for your fundraising cookbook into our free software to stay organized and get a discount! Or mail your recipes to us with your order form and we’ll type them for you.

Design Your Cookbook

Choose from our covers, dividers, binding options, and themes to create a one-of-a-kind fundraiser cookbook.

Submit Your Order Form

Print and fill it out, sign it, and send your fundraiser cookbook in!

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Popular Cookbook Fundraisers:

We received our cookbooks yesterday and everyone is very, very pleased. Thank you so much for all your help. Now to the selling … it should be easy since they are wonderful!!! Thanks again.
Susan Bowman

Hope Hull United Methodist Church, Hope Hull, AL