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Important Production Deadlines

If you are thinking about creating a cookbook around certain calendar holidays, we offer the following deadlines for submitting your materials to us.


Important upcoming Holidays

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If you want Cookbook Publishers to type your recipes, submit your order to us by

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If you are using our free Cookbook Creator recipe software to enter your recipes, submit by

Mother’s Day

Getting Mom’s recipes into a cookbook is the next best thing to having her there with you. This is why Mother’s Day is such a popular time of year for publishing a cookbook, second only to the Christmas holidays. Submit your complete order by the dates shown to receive cookbooks before Mother’s Day. (Pro Tip: If you want time to sell your cookbooks prior to the holiday, submit earlier! Call for details.)

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March 20

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April 10


Take advantage of the holiday sales season and have your books ready to sell by Thanksgiving. Creating a cookbook in time for Thanksgiving can easily be accomplished by using these deadlines.

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September 28

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October 19


Christmas is the most popular time for cookbook production. Whether your intent is to share the gift of delicious recipes with family and friends or inspire those holiday sales for your fundraiser, you need to use the following dates. Our cookbook elves are waiting to put together all your cookbooks this Holiday Season.

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October 30

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November 20