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Cookbooks for Healthcare Organization or Hospitals

It’s easy for your hospital, healthcare organization or assisted living facility to raise thousands of dollars for an important project or to celebrate a special anniversary or event. Celebrate your staff, members, and mission while sharing delicious recipes with your supporters.

“Our company really enjoyed the Cookbook Publishers experience. The staff made our order extremely easy to complete, and they were always quick to respond if and when any questions arose. The website is very user-friendly, and the choices for layouts, cover options, inserts, etc. offers so much variety to make your cookbook truly one-of-a-kind. Our employees LOVED the finished product. We sold all of the books we ordered within 10 days. We will definitely use this service as an annual fundraising event for our company!”

Cameron Wannamaker

Solstas Lab Partners, Greensboro, NC

Your Cookbook Information Kit includes:

  • A pricing guide
  • Instructions
  • Design options

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