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Our Guarantee to Fundraising Groups

Guarantees are hard to come by these days, but we’ve been around for so long with so much success that we can GUARANTEE you will raise enough funds to cover your costs! See below for specifics.

Cookbook Publishers hereby guarantees to each organization that purchases an order of cookbooks* that sales of said book will be sufficient to pay for the order in full–subject to the following conditions:

1. That organization sells books at no less than Company-suggested prices.

2. That organization meets the minimum number of adult recipe contributors for each cookbook category listed below:

If you order… You must have at least…
up to 200 cookbooks 75 recipe contributors
201-500 cookbooks 150 recipe contributors
501-1000 cookbooks 150 recipe contributors
1001-2000 cookbooks 300 recipe contributors
2001-3000 cookbooks 350 recipe contributors
3001-4000 cookbooks 400 recipe contributors
4001-5000 cookbooks 500 recipe contributors
3. Recipe contributors must be adults (potential buyers) and names must be printed with their recipes.

If these conditions are met and the organization furnishes proof that not enough books were sold to pay the printing costs, the organization may return the unsold books to the Company. In this event, all monies collected from the cookbook sales must be remitted to the Company. Authorization by Company is required before returning any books.

*Does not apply to reorders.
Cookbook Publishers Guarantee

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