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Your State or County Fair Cookbook Will be a Success!

A Fair or Festival Cookbook Fundraising Project is Easy!

Your Fair or Festival brings together the best cooks from around the county or state. We’ve made it easy to raise thousands of dollars for 4-H or another capital project using these award-winning recipes!
State Fair Cookbook

State/County Fair Cookbook Fundraisers & Keepsakes

Every year, people are asking for the recipes from your fair’s contest winners. What better way to keep all those delicious recipes together than in an annual Festival or Fair Cookbook?

  • You can make a profit of 2-4 times the cost of the cookbook! And, when you use Cookbook Creator® recipe software for entering recipes, you can make sure all the recipes are just the way you want them.
  • Personalize your fair or festival cookbook with 4 free pages, which can include your history, officers, special photos or other interesting information about your part of the country.

State Fair cookbooks
are easy as pie!

It's that simple!

Prize-winning recipes from the best of the best cooks in Missouri in a cookbook produced every two years … now that’s a cookbook collection that belongs in every kitchen in the state!
Tammie Nichols

Missouri State Fair

Your Cookbook Information Kit includes:

  • A pricing guide
  • Instructions
  • Design options

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