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Two Ways: Do it yourself or enlist our help.


Send Us Your Recipes

Send Us Your Cookbook Recipes
If you’d like our experienced staff to type and proofread your recipes, send in your recipes with your cookbook order form. This is a free service! Use our recipe form—one form for each recipe — and we’ll do the rest! Please organize your cookbook recipes by category in the order you would like them printed.

Cookbook Creator®

Submit Cookbook Recipes
You Can Create Your Cookbook Like a Pro!
Adding recipes to your cookbook has never been easier! Our free recipe software saves you time and earns you a discount! Create a free account and start typing in your cookbook recipes. Add contributor logins so your friends, family, or committee/organization members can type their recipes in too.

Did You Know?

Your contributors can also type directly into this interactive recipe form and send it to you via email.

Tips for gathering and organizing cookbook recipes

Create Enthusiasm for Your Fundraiser

The key to a successful cookbook fundraiser is including recipes from as many different contributors as possible. Make a list of potential recipe contributors. Include civic leaders, notable people in other organizations, relatives and acquaintances. Don’t be shy about asking local celebrities for a recipe! Include as many people as you can and generate enthusiasm for your project.

Bottom line: more excitement means more participants, and the more recipe contributors you have, the better for your bottom line.

Keep Your Cookbook Organized

As each cookbook recipe comes in:

  • Check it for ­spelling and legibility
  • Triple check the ­spelling of the contributor’s name. Read the recipe to make sure it makes sense. If you’re unsure about something, ask the contributor. It’s far better to catch errors at this stage than after your cookbook is printed.
  • Assign the recipe to the appropriate ­section of your cookbook. If you’re using Cookbook Creator®, recipes will appear in the order you enter them. Cookbook Publishers will not alphabetize them.
  • If you’re mailing in your recipes using our recipe forms, ensure that there is only one recipe per form. If a recipe is too long for one page, staple another form containing the rest. Do not write on the backs of any of the forms.
  • If you’re mailing in your cookbook recipes, number your recipes according to the order in which they should appear in each category, starting with “1” in each section. Place all the recipes for one category in a folder labeled with the appropriate section and the total number of recipes to appear in that section. Mail them in and we’ll take care of the rest.