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A College and University Cookbook Fundraiser is Easy!

A cookbook for your college or university is an excellent way to generate funds and commemorate important milestones. It’s easy for your school to raise thousands of dollars for programs, activities, trips, and local charities.
College Cookbooks

University or College Cookbooks – Fundraiser & Keepsake

Schools bring many types of people together with a diverse range of cooking skills and recipes. What better way to preserve those recipes than in a university or college cookbook. The professional quality of your cookbook – with the prized recipes from the good cooks in your school – will make your cookbook a best-seller! Cookbook Publishers has over 65 years of experience to help you along the way, and a No-Risk Guarantee to ensure your project is a huge success!

  • With healthy eating becoming more popular, people are cooking at home with fresh ingredients. Of course, cooks want the best recipes to choose from – YOURS!
  • With our affordable fundraising program, your school can make a profit of 2-4 times the cost of the cookbook! And, when our Cookbook Creator® recipe software is used for entering recipes, even more funds can go into your budget.
  • Personalize your college cookbook by adding school history, special events and photos and you have a lasting keepsake for years to come.
  • You don’t spend a dime up front. Take up to 37 days after we ship your completed cookbooks to pay half the total due. Then, if you need to, take another 30 days to pay the balance.
  • Sell advertising space to local businesses and patrons to help pay for the printing costs and you will have even more money to meet your project goals.

We’re always here to assist you in any way we can. Call us at 1-800-227-7282 or contact us here. We love cookbooks, and we’d love to help you get started on your college cookbook today!

We have helped institutions of higher learning for years with their fundraising efforts. Fraternities, sororities, departments, staff and students have had great success publishing a cookbook with us. Give us a call and let us help you get started today!

College cookbooks
are easy as pie!

It's that simple!

College University
“Imbler PAC Booster Club would like to say thank you and send great praise to Cookbook Publishers! You guys are so easy to work with. You care as much about our cookbook as we did! THANK YOU! The book is beautiful and everyone likes it! You guys are awesome! And I have been telling everyone just that!”
Lowann Van Leuven

Imbler/PAC Booster Club, Imbler, OR

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