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Secret to Selling Personalized Cookbooks

Delicious Ideas

Ideas to Market Your Community Cookbook

There are many ways to tell people about your personalized cookbook: word-of-mouth, announcements, posters, Facebook, and Twitter. But nothing seals the deal like a bite of something delicious. There’s really no better way to sell cookbooks than to give potential customers a taste of what’s inside. Here are a few ideas.

1. Free Samples

You know what it’s like at the grocery store when there are free samples on Saturday morning. People are more likely to buy when they taste something scrumptious. It’s the same with personalized cookbook sales. Reel in the customers with free samples!

2. Potluck Dinner

The perfect way to kick-start cookbook sales is to throw a Potluck Dinner featuring recipes from your cookbook. Be sure to have plenty on-hand to sell—people with full stomachs tend to be very generous.

3. Bake Sale

Sell delicious baked goods and your cookbook all at the same time. You’ll be surprised how many people will buy both!

4. Farmer’s Market

Summertime brings the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Put out some farm-fresh samples from recipes in your cookbook and your booth will sell out in no time.

5. Baby or Wedding Shower

Treat your guests to goodies from your cookbook and shower the bride or mother-to-be with a cookbook of her own. I guarantee everyone attending will ask for one, too.

6. Cookie Swap

Before you know it the holidays will be here again. Host a Cookie Swap featuring cookies from your cookbook. You can send out recipes to those who don’t have your cookbook. After tasting those delicious cookies, everyone will be ready to shop for cookbooks—the perfect Christmas gift.

For other ideas, visit us at to check out more helpful marketing tips. Or just give us a call (800.227.7282) — we love to talk about personalized cookbooks and how to sell them. We’re here to help!


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