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Let Cookbook Publishers do the typing for you! We-Type-It™ is the original method of sending the recipes for your custom cookbook. We make it easy! In just a few simple steps and with a minimal amount of your time, Cookbook Publishers can be turning your recipes into profits while you are free for more important – and fun! activities. There is no charge for this service; the price you see on the Cookbook Price Chart is what you will pay, even if we do the typing for you. Want to learn more?  Keep reading!

How We-Type-It™ Works For You

As recipes for your cookbook come in, begin organizing and preparing them for us to type.

  • Legibility – Your recipes can be typed or hand-written, just make sure they are legible at a glance. Hold the recipe at arm’s length; if you can read it easily then we will be able to read it also. Photocopies shouldn’t be too light or too dark, and make sure nothing has been cut off when making copies. Small print from newspapers or magazines should be re-written for legibility.
  • Nothing smaller than a half sheet of paper – If recipes are received on slips of paper, note or recipe cards, or anything smaller than half of a full size sheet of paper, just tape it to a larger sheet. Be sure to copy anything that may be on the back of a recipe card onto the larger sheet also.
  • Review for content – We don’t edit your recipes, so make sure all ingredients are accounted for and that the recipe method is complete.
  • Check the contributor’s name – You may not have any trouble reading a handwritten name because you know that contributor, but remember we don’t. We recommend that all contributor names be carefully printed on their recipe so there is no question of the correct spelling. Everyone loves to see their name in print, but no one likes to see it misspelled!
  • Sort recipes in the proper recipe category – Decide on the recipe categories for your cookbook, then prepare a folder or envelope for each category. As recipes come in and are checked, place them into the proper recipe category.

After all the recipes are checked and sorted into the proper category, you will need to know how many recipes you have. The number of books you are ordering and the number of recipes you have will determine the base price for your cookbook. Number the recipes, beginning with #1 for each category, and put the total number of recipes on the outside of each folder or envelope. Add them all up and transfer the number of recipes to your Cookbook Order Form.

My Recipes are Ready – Now What?

Once the recipes are ready, you are well on your way to sending the order to us. Fill out the Cookbook Order Form from your Cookbook Information Kit; don’t forget the Contract on the back of the Order Form. If you are unsure of anything, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Now all that is left is information for the free personal pages in the front of your cookbook and any custom artwork you want to include. Bundle everything up securely in a sturdy box and send it to us. We’ll take it from there!  In about 30 to 40 working days, your beautiful cookbooks will be ready to ship to you!


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