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Cookbook Fundraiser Tip: Gather More Recipes

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The most difficult part of running a cookbook fundraiser is getting enough recipes submitted. You don’t want to resort to recipes found on the internet, since your goal is to publish a cookbook with unique recipes. Also, the more contributors you have, the bigger your market for selling the cookbook (who wouldn’t want a book with their name in it?). We know it’s difficult to search for new recipe contributors. Don’t give up! Here are some ideas to reach out to potential contributors and get them involved.

Get More Recipes For Your Cookbook Fundraiser

  • Create a Facebook page to increase hype, spread awareness, and communicate deadlines.
  • Ask influential members of your community to send out an “all-call” for recipes.
  • Spread the word through social groups, church, civic organizations or school.
  • Solicit recipes from local celebrities in your area.
  • Tell potential recipe contributors how this cookbook fundraiser is going to support your cause so they have good reason to donate a recipe.

Once you’ve gotten verbal commitments, you still need to collect! Although many people are willing to contribute a recipe, they don’t always find time to deliver the recipe. You need fool-proof ways to help people follow through and fill your cookbook up with delicious recipes, and that means making it easy for them to do so. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use email, social media, or a friendly phone call to remind contributors about deadlines.
  • Actually set deadlines to motivate others.
  • Host a potluck wherein guests bring a dish and the recipe for that dish to contribute to your book.
  • Use our recipe-entering software, U-Type-It™ Online, to give contributors direct access to your cookbook draft. They can type their recipe in and be done!

If you need help or encouragement with your cookbook fundraiser, see our Guides & Tips page or just give us a call at 1.800.227.7282.


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