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How a Cookbook Can Change Your Year

Appetizing Advice

The holidays have come and gone, leaving behind memories, gifts … and a few extra pounds.

If you’re thinking about a cookbook project, consider how the right recipes can make you healthier and happier this year. And not just you, but your family, neighbors, and community!

Here are two trends you can embrace with your healthy-eating cookbook project.

  1. Less eating out, more cooking at home!

It’s just so easy to eat out, isn’t it? Any excuse will do. But if the recipes in our cookbooks were easy to prepare in addition to being yummy, we would find it easier to cook healthy meals at home.

  1. Less dessert, more veggies!

So many of the cookbooks we publish contain a scant few recipes in the Appetizer, Main Dishes, and Vegetables categories, while the bulk of the cookbook comes from the Dessert section. We’re not bashing chocolate-covered fried cookie-dough-stuffed-cake pops, but perhaps if more appealing vegetable dishes were included, we could shift our eating habits toward healthier veins.

So no more shirking healthy eating and grabbing fast food. It’s time to create that life-changing cookbook! Cookbook Publishers can help you make a positive change this year. So let’s get started!


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