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Fundraising groups all begin with one thing: Passion. Whether your organization is a church, school, library, rescue organization, or dance studio, it started with an “I believe” moment. How did you develop your passion? Was someone you love affected by a disease? Do you want to improve your community in a tangible way? Are you helping a family raise money for an international adoption? Are you providing scholarships for underprivileged students? Passion is what drives each of us to do what we do. This is the commonality that all members of your non-profit group share.  Funding is what makes it possible for you to spread your message, to accomplish your goals. Like it or not, money is what keeps your organization humming along.

That’s where Cookbook Publishers comes in. Since 1947, we have been helping groups just like yours raise much needed funds to make good things happen in their communities and our world!  We are proud of our history, as the world changes, our mission is still the same. We are in business to help you help others, one cookbook at a time.  We know there are many choices out there for fundraising, but we happen to think a cookbook fundraiser will prove to be one of your most successful campaigns ever.  What’s the secret of a cookbook success? There’s a couple of secrets that we can share with you.

A Couple Secrets About Cookbook Success

  • The recipes! We all have to eat, and who doesn’t want Aunt Mary’s Famous Pecan Pie recipe? Every contributor who submits a recipe will purchase a cookbook, and an extra 2 or 3 books to give to family members and friends.  You have a guaranteed group of buyers who will be pleased to get their hands on the favorite recipes of your group.  Cookbooks are a unique product because they last decades and the recipes never go out of style.
  • Your passion! Your buyers are on the lookout for good recipes, of course they are. But perhaps even more important than the recipes in your cookbook is the passion behind the product.  Your supporters will buy your cookbook because it means advancing the group’s goals – building that playground, carpeting the church, sending children to camp, or building awareness of cause special to your heart.  Don’t underestimate the power of passion.

How can Cookbook Publishers help?

We have built a program with your needs at the heart of what we do.

  • First, you’re never alone. Our customers rave about our exceptional customer service.  When you call, a live person answers the phone; not only that, she’s a cookbook expert!  We can answer any questions you have along the way about your fundraising cookbook project.
  • Second, we make it super easy for you to put together your fundraising cookbook. You can choose from our standard selection of covers and dividers or you can design your own (DIY).  We have a free web-based recipe-entry software called U-Type-It™ Online that you can use to enter all your recipes, setting them up just the way you want them. (With U-Type-It™ Online, you will receive a discount of 25¢ per book.)  Or, our professional staff would be happy to type and proofread your recipes for you.  Choose either method – it’s up to you!
  • Third, decide on design upgrades for your cookbook. Design upgrades add value to your book and you’ll be amazed when you spend a little more money for recipe notes (anecdotes about your recipes) or an upgraded cover (hardback or 3-ring binder), you can recoup all of your costs plus earn more profit on each sale. That’s what is so incredible about each cookbook order we do – it’s a unique one-of-a-kind cookbook. No two fundraising cookbooks we produce are the same!.

We are known for our generous payment terms for qualified organizations. No money down and we guarantee your success.  We make putting together a cookbook easy and profitable so you can focus on what you really care about – reaching your next goal!

Contact us today and tell us more about what you care about so we can find the best way to make your project successful.  Email: or call 1.800.227.7282.