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We put together some helpful webinars to help you learn more about creating your cookbook.

Customizing Your Cookbook – What You Need To Know

Creating and Selling Mother’s Day Cookbooks

Running a Successful Fundraiser

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U-Type-It™ Online Beyond the Basics

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Marketing your Cookbooks

Sales success depends on your strategy, so here are a few ideas for marketing your cookbooks.

Always consider your customer while creating your cookbook, from the types of recipes you include to the aesthetics and quality of writing that goes into your personal pages.

Our standard features have what it takes to make your cookbook a success; however, our upgrades add extra appeal and polish that will not only entice more buyers, but allow you to charge a higher retail price. Consider upgrades that will make your cookbook more attractive and easier to use, such as tabbed dividers–which make categories easy to find— and our more spacious “Recipes Not Continued” layout.

While anyone who cooks or knows a cook is a prospective customer for your cookbook, your best prospects are your recipe contributors. Each contributor will almost certainly buy one cookbook for themselves, but remember to suggest that they buy additional cookbooks to send to family and to give as gifts.

Your list of potential buyers should include:

  • Every recipe contributor
  • Every member of your organization
  • Members of other organizations that work with your group
  • Every company that does business with your organization
  • Every neighbor
  • Every civic leader
  • Supporters of your cause
  • Cooks who enjoy trying new recipes

Take orders for your upcoming cookbook as soon as you decide to publish. While you’re gathering recipes, advertise and spread the word through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Contact local businesses to engage their participation in selling your cookbook.

When your cookbooks arrive, use all avenues of communication to announce their arrival. Distribute cookbooks to pre-order ­customers and to businesses. They’re so easy to sell—before you know it, you’ll be sold out!

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