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Cookbook Publishing FAQ

Review our most frequently asked questions to learn more about cookbook publishing!
Q: What size is the finished cookbook?
A: Our cookbooks are 5.5″ W x 8.5″ H, a perfect size to use in the kitchen and store on your bookshelf. Hardback covers and 3-ring binders are slightly oversized, but the text pages are still 5.5″W x 8.5″H.



Q: What does ‘Recipes Not Continued’ mean?
A: ‘Recipes Not Continued’ is an optional layout upgrade for your cookbook that prevents recipes from starting on one page and ending on the next. This feature is not only convenient—no turning pages with messy hands—it also creates an aesthetically pleasing and spacious cookbook, with room for text and art fillers of your choice.
Q: What are the roles of contributors and co-chairs in the U-Type-It™ Online software?
A: Co-chairs and contributors speed up the recipe collection process. Allow access to U-Type-It™ Online for each person in order to share the workload and finish faster and with more accuracy. Co-chairs can add, edit, reorganize, approve, and delete any of the recipes in your cookbook, while contributors can edit and approve only their own recipes and information. As the chairperson, you have the same control over the recipes that the co-chairs have, but you can also change categories and subcategories, and the cookbook’s details. It is you who will request a proof for a final review and it is you who will submit your recipes when it comes time to order!
Q: What is a Press-Ready cookbook cover?
A: A press-ready cookbook cover is one that you design yourself and send to us. If you have a vision for your cookbook cover that doesn’t match one of our designs, feel free to create your own in the design program of your choice! We can accept files made in the following programs: Adobe InDesign™, Adobe Acrobat™ (PDF), Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe Illustrator™.
Q: Will Cookbook Publishers proof my recipes?
A: If you use U-Type-It Online, you are responsible for proofing your cookbook recipes before you submit them. If we type your cookbook recipes, we will correct any obvious errors we see but we will not edit. We do offer a Reproofing Option, which, although it adds to the production time, allows you a final opportunity to see your book before it is printed.
Q: How long will it take to get my cookbooks?
Once you have submitted all of your materials, it can take anywhere from 30 to 40 business days to receive your cookbooks. If you submit your order using our U-Type-It™ Online recipe software, expect a 20 to 25 business day turnaround. The production time depends on your book—how many recipes you have, the upgrades you’ve chosen, and whether you chose the Reproof Option (which adds an additional three to four weeks to your completion time)—as well as our schedule. Holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day are very busy seasons, which may lead to delays.
Q: Can I customize my cookbook beyond the options shown on the site?
Yes! We are a full-service printer with the capability to handle specialty binding, colors, and book sizes. Contact if your project doesn’t fit what you see here.
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