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Canterbury School Fundraiser a Hit!

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Much like a slow-simmering Sunday meal, Canterbury School took the time to select the perfect ingredients for an amazing school fundraiser. And, like any memorable meal, it takes someone in the kitchen who knows the right blend of ingredients.

“This was such a collaboration of talents,” said Wendy Riley, Canterbury Parents Association (CPA) member and Cookbook Chairperson. “We were able to partner a passion of food and eating well with educational standards for the school.”

Established in 1993 in Greensboro, NC, the mission of Canterbury School has been to develop the whole child by “challenging the mind and nourishing the spirit.” A cookbook was the perfect answer to hold true to that mission, drive home learning goals and showcase talents.

“We had never done anything like a cookbook,” said Wendy. “It was time to turn to the years of experience at Cookbook Publishers.” And it was the “complete ease of the whole process” that stands out for Wendy and the committee. “We are thrilled with the results and everything that Cookbook Publishers did to provide a quality product and delivery at a time we requested,” Wendy continued.

Any tips for success? “Get the students involved!” she laughed.

The cover and dividers for “Canterbury Cuisine” highlight the vast talents of students, family and alumni. With all departments on board and supportive of the project, students were involved from the start! Beginning with a year-long emphasis on nutrition education, the Fine Arts faculty had students drawing food in a variety of mediums. Each DIY custom designed divider features award-winning color artwork. Student winners were named at the Food Art Show and range in age 2nd to 8th grade.

Cindy Cash, a friend of Canterbury School, donated her time and talent in designing the hardback cover by taking the simplest drawing of pears and giving them the “Andy Warhol” treatment. Cindy is the Creative Director of the Russell Agency in Winston-Salem, NC. (

“We couldn’t have imagined how beautiful this cookbook would be,” said Wendy. “And to know that tons of traditions are brought together in one book is even better!”

For “Canterbury Cuisine,” a commitment to education and child development, enthusiasm and community partnerships were all indeed perfect ingredients to success!

If you are ready to get started today, order our free Cookbook Information Kit, no strings attached, and see if this fundraiser is right for you.


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