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Feast & Family Cookbook

Summer is the perfect time to plan a family reunion (and a family cookbook!).

Follow these easy steps to create a family reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember!

  • Who’s Invited? – It sounds odd, but this is the first step to planning any event. Are you looking to invite intermediate family only or would you like to reach out to all your cousins? What about friends of the family, should you invite them? By starting a guest list, this will shape the rest of the event details to follow.
  • Getting In Touch – Now that you know who you plan on inviting, it’s time to start gathering their contact details. The easiest way to do this is by contacting one person from the family and get their email, phone number or add them to a Facebook Group/Event page for the family reunion. Their contact info will let you share updates throughout the planning process or if you need to have any last minute correspondence.
  • Create a Survey or Poll – This is probably the most challenging part while planning a family reunion– coordinating everyone’s schedule to select a date, time and location. The best method to utilize during this step is sending a survey or poll to each family member contact you received during the previous step. In your survey or poll, make sure you include a due date so there is a sense of urgency.
  • Form a Committee – If your family reunion is becoming much larger than you originally anticipated, take the time to form a committee. You could have someone be in charge of the following aspects of the reunion:
    • Location Options/Availability
    • Food & Drinks – Potluck or Catering
    • Activities for Kids/Adults – Yard Games, Swimming Areas, Cooking/BBQ Contest
  • Start Planning – Now that you have a collection of surveys/polls and help from your committee to sort through all the answers, it’s time to narrow down the details. It can be helpful to showcase the top 1-3 choices for the date, time, location and food options and let majority rule. Something to keep in mind, if family plans on traveling from far away, it may be best to make it more than a single afternoon so they attend. Some family reunions gather for a weekend of camping, how fun!
  • Make It Official – Once the majority selects a date, time and location from the top 1-3 options, you may need to complete the finer details, such as calling to make reservations at the location. Consider if the venue requires small items that you may need to bring along, such as electrical cords for crockpots or trash bags if you plan on being at a public park.
  • Remind Your Guests – Don’t forget to remind your invited guests just prior to the event date. This gives them time and a gentle push in case they may need to get a few last minute items together before the big event. It’s not a bad idea to confirm or make changes to any reservations made.

If you really want your family reunion to be remembered, you should have everyone fill out a recipe form with their favorite recipe. Creating a cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipe will be a keepsake to cherish. It’s easy! To learn more about creating a family keepsake cookbook, call our team at 1.800.227.7282


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