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Budget for Your 2023 Cookbook Fundraiser

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A new year means upcoming fundraisers for many organizations. Fundraising is still a primary strategy to raise funds for items that exceed budgets, especially for schools and non-profits. Cookbooks offer a lot of potential as fundraisers because your cookbook is unlike any other on the market. Be creative in how you sell your cookbooks, perhaps offering samples of recipes contained in the cookbook!

Setting a budget for any fundraiser is critical, as it provides insight to your profit margins and if you’ll be able to reach your financial goals. That being said, Cookbook Publishers wants to help you understand how to create a budget for your potential cookbook fundraiser to discover if this avenue may be right for your organization to explore in 2023.

Consider these two main factors as the foundation of your potential fundraiser budget: Profit Margins and Purchasing Dates.

Determine Profit Margin Potential

Ideally, most fundraiser committees meet and determine a financial goal, which can range anywhere from $500-$5,000 or more. A cookbook fundraiser is no different. Once your group determines how much money to raise, you can start researching key items that influence its profit margin:

  • Quantity of Books – the more you purchase to sell, the higher your return on investment will be
  • Number of Recipes – the more recipes you have, the more valuable your cookbook becomes and can help increase your sales price
  • Design Options – a Soft Cover cookbook tickets a lower sales price than a Hardback Cover. If you upgrade your design options, you can increase your sales price based on customized upgrades

At Cookbook Publishers, we have a great tool to help you see the difference in profit based on some of the factors above: If you want to check it out firsthand, you can do so here.

Find the Best Purchase Date

Have you ever noticed that some fundraisers have better pricing specials during specific times of the year? Cookbooks are no different. We offer several specials and discounts throughout the year, which may include using:

  • Coupons – We offer our customers savings most times of the year; click here to see our coupons now
  • Use Cookbook Creator® –  our free software that lets you type and submit your recipes and provides a discount up to $1.00 off, or more per book
  • Discounted Reorder Rates – selling all of your cookbooks is great, but why stop there? Continue earning money by placing a reorder so your funds continue growing to hit or exceed your goal

By determining your fundraiser goal and seeing how many cookbooks you need to sell to hit or exceed that target, along with finding the best time and offer for your purchase, you will be able to create a cookbook fundraiser budget. This will also help you create a schedule timeline so you stay on track with your progress so when the right time to make your order comes, you’ll be ready and will have obtained the best deal for your investment.

Want some more help? Contact us at 1.800.227.7282—we’ve been the fundraising cookbook leader since 1947 and will be happy to help you!


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