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Creating a Fundraising Cookbook Serves the Purpose

Many caring hands see to every detail to insure that all enjoy the food and the fellowship that come hand-in-hand with any church dinner, potluck or festival. It also brings a sense of importance in preserving the recipes for these beloved dishes, many of which have spanned generations.

It doesn’t matter if the meal was prepared by the United Methodist Women (UMW), Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF), Altar Society, Sisterhood or Young Women. What matters are the thought, devotion and care put into each dish. Since 1947, Cookbook Publishers has been honored to have had the opportunity to work with churches and religious organizations in preserving recipes through beautiful community fundraising cookbooks.

The reasons for publishing a cookbook are as diverse as the groups themselves. From outreach ministries and youth groups to missions and building funds … from daycares and choirs to anniversary celebrations and fellowship projects … cookbooks have been the answer in meeting the needs and goals.

Regardless of intent for the fundraiser, Cookbook Publishers’ employees hold the same steadfast dedication in seeing that the finished product meets all expectations. From the first call to Customer Service or browsing our web site, a partnership is formed. The free Cookbook Information Kit plays an integral role in that foundation and road to success!

Thousands of churches and religious organizations have far exceeded fund-raising goals and Cookbook Publishers is proud to have played a part. Need a little encouragement? Read some of our testimonials. Have faith in fundraising and our years of experience by taking that first step and call 1.800.227.7282 toll-free today or order your kit online!


Swimming Instead of Typing Recipes …

Swimming Instead of Typing Recipes …

Let Cookbook Publishers do the typing for you! We-Type-It™ is the original method of sending the recipes for your custom cookbook. We make it easy! In just a few simple steps and with a minimal amount of your time, Cookbook Publishers can be turning your recipes into...

Memories and a Recipe From My Mother

Memories and a Recipe From My Mother

Written by Debbie Michalski Although she is never far from my thoughts, as Mother’s Day is approaching, my thoughts turn to my mother, Mona Elizabeth. My mother passed away in 2008, well into her 92nd year of life. The first Mother’s day was difficult; it was the...