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It’s 2001. I find myself an enthusiastic and naïve “newbie” employee with a global corporation. I was active with the social committee, safety team and newspaper staff. I was so honored to be invited to sit on the Diversity Council. Gathered around a huge conference table were co-workers and management members from all shifts with one goal in mind…a project that would celebrate the diversity of our associates…and raise funds. Fundraising? I nearly fainted. What did I just agree to?

The council was to meet in one week for brainstorming. My brain already had a storm brewing as I left the conference room. I took my assignment seriously. What do I bring to the table? What sort of innovative ideas could I share? I needed to get to my happy place and think.

My happy place is the kitchen and I seem to do my best thinking there. I’m surrounded by comfort…and cookbooks. It’s said that I inherited the “Pack Rat” gene from my Grandmother. I think they call that “hoarding” now. But regardless, I was in my comfort zone…browsing through cookbooks and reflecting on my assignment. That’s when it struck me!

What caught my eye repeatedly was the fact that Cookbook Publishers had printed most of the books in my collection. And, there was information about a free kit. Seriously? Can this really be that easy? One call to 800.227.7282 and I discovered it truly was that easy. Once again I was pumped!

One Week Later with the Diversity Committee

I sat down at that huge conference table with the kit of information and presented what I thought a cookbook project could accomplish…a fundraiser with purpose! Certainly cookbooks themselves have recipes but what if each of those recipes told us more? For a small additional fee, the Designer Option of Recipe Notes was the perfect avenue to let diversity shine! Recipes have seasonings and spices…much like life itself. I held my breath. The council was in agreement, put out the call for recipe submissions and encouraged everyone to share more.

Those recipes needed a special touch. It was time to ask what “Enquiring” minds wanted to know!

  • How did this become a favorite recipe? Where did it originally come from?
  • What memories surround this dish?
  • Are there only certain times of the year that this dish is prepared?
  • What secret ingredients do you add? Yes, we all have our secrets!
  • Do you have nutritional information that may be important to know?

It gave them ideas and the results were awe-inspiring and educational. Those simple comments were a valuable tool in learning so much about one another. An even bigger bonus was the cookbook ultimately was front and center in developing other activities to celebrate our diversity. This was by no means an easy task when trying to incorporate activities for all 3 shifts.

German Recipes for a Diversity CookbookOne of the most memorable activities was an International Expo. A large multi-purpose area was filled with booths representing 20 countries. With a German Irish background, I teamed with others of German descent. Wurst of every kind, hot German potato salad, Black Forest Cake…we did everything short of rolling out the barrel!

The cookbook and those Recipe Notes also inspired chili cook-offs, BBQ contests, bake-offs and salsa contests (not dancing). There were some wicked good chefs on 3rd shift, by the way, and they would normally take home the honors.

It was bittersweet that the cookbooks were also a farewell when closure of the facility was announced. However, as one door closes another opens and that is how I found my way to Cookbook Publishers Customer Service!

As a previous customer I knew first-hand how I was assisted and guided. Once again, I found myself honored to be part of an accomplished team. Now I am helping others create a cookbook that will accomplish their own fundraising goals. Give me a call today and I’ll be happy to talk with you about your cookbook project and how we can best serve you.


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