Cookbook Publishers

Advertising Pages


Selling ads in your cookbook is so lucrative, you could pay for your entire order before you sell a single copy!

Download our Advertising Sales Packet for specific information and instructions.
We will design attractive ads from your supplied ad copy, or you may provide print-ready ads. Ads may be printed in black ink and placed after your Recipe Index, or you may have your full-color ad printed on the inside front or back cover. The sizes and options you give your advertisers are totally up to you. Download our Advertising Sales Packet for more information.

Advertisement Prices

Advertising pages cost $40 each, so you’ll want to charge your advertisers/sponsors enough to cover the cost and make a profit. We have a number of ad sizes available to suit your customers. Order or download our Advertising Sales Packet to get the scoop!

The benefits are clear!

Contact potential advertisers and sponsors early. While many ­businesses and individuals will be eager to show their support because they believe in your cause, it’s important to mention the longevity that their advertisements will have. After all, people keep cookbooks for many years!