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Cookbook Fundraiser Turns Recipes Into Profits

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From Mom and Pop shops to mega-franchises, thousands of businesses look to Cookbook Publishers for their cookbook fundraiser.

What Types of Businesses Publish Cookbooks?

The driving forces behind cookbook projects are as wide-ranging as the businesses who use them. Some are geared to support company initiatives like United Way, while others support diversity projects and health and wellness programs. Projects often reflect very personal investment, such as when companies have pledged fund-raising monies to charities such as Relay For Life, Children’s Miracle Network or local community efforts such as food pantries, shelters or employee benevolent funds. Companies are also using cookbooks for thank-you gifts to employees, volunteers and clients, and what better, long-lasting gift?

Watson Realty used Cookbook Publishers to create just such a cookbook fundraiser. Here’s what they have to say about working with us: “Well, the cookbooks are a hit! Thank you for the quality job and rushed delivery; you have some very happy realtors here. Again, thank you so much for the great service and a very quality product, as promised!”

How Can A Company Cookbook Fundraiser Be Unique?

Some find the perfect free cover and divider set from among our vast collection of standard choices. Others submit custom designs or work closely with Cookbook Publishers’ art service staff to bring their ideas to life! The creativity…and the funds raised…are limitless. From farmers’ markets to financial institutions, businesses and their employees are dedicated to success. Cookbook Publishers guarantees that success!

What can you do with a recipe?™ Just ask any one of thousands of businesses who since 1947 have turned to Cookbook Publishers, the fundraising expert, for the answers! We make it our business to see that your business succeeds.


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Swimming Instead of Typing Recipes …

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