Cookbook Publishers Reorders

When you’ve exceeded your cookbook publishing goals, it’s time to reorder!

Cookbook Publishers Reorders

How fast can I get my reorder?

Reorders are usually produced faster than new orders. Allow 15 to 25 working days from the time we receive your reorder contract until shipment from our production facility.

Reorders cost about 10¢ less per book based on current prices if you order the same quantity as your initial order, but the charge for all upgrades will also apply to a reorder. Advertising pages will be billed at $10.00 per page per order; please check with our Customer Service Professionals for additional information.

Payment Options

Payment from organizations is due 37 days after we ship your reorder. Prepayment is required for individuals and families, just as it was on the initial order. Businesses, payment terms will be the same as original order.

Fixing Errors

Any errors that occurred in your cookbook can be corrected at the time you place your reorder, and are subject to a charge of $4 to $10 per correction. Any errors that are found to be our fault will be ­corrected at no charge.

Reorder Form

Send in your reorder form with your payment (if applicable) and we’ll get to printing!

Reorder Price Chart

Here are all the base prices for your cookbook reorder!

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