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Pricing Your Custom Cookbook

Cookbook Pricing Examples

The Cookbook Pricing Examples are based on an order of 200 books containing 350 recipes, which has a base price of $3.90. These examples are meant to illustrate the different price points of our design features. Your cookbook will be completely customized to your design specifications, and therefore may not equate to the estimates you see below.

  • Popular

    Upgrade a few standard features for more appeal

  • $4.69/book
  • Standard Laminated Soft Cover
  • Upgraded Laminated Back Cover
  • Plastic Comb or Plastic Coil Binder
  • Standard Full-Cover Dividers
  • Upgraded “Recipes Not Continued” Recipe Layout
  • Recipe Notes
  • 3 Additional Photographs in Personal Pages
  • Deluxe

    A mix of upgraded and standard features is elegant

  • $6.85/book
  • Upgraded Hard Cover
  • Imprinted Comb Binder
  • Standard Full-Color Cover Design
  • Standard Full-Color Divider Set
  • Upgraded “Recipes Not Continued” Recipe Layout
  • Recipes Notes
  • Recipes Subcategories
  • Recipe Icons
  • Premium

    Go all out for a luxurious, timeless cookbook

  • $7.85/book
  • Padded 3-Ring Binder
  • Printed Liners for Inside Front Cover/Back Cover
  • Standard Full-Color Tabbed Dividers on Card Stock
  • Upgraded “Recipes Not Continued” Recipe Layout
  • Recipe Notes
  • Art Fillers
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