The Cookbook Publishers Team

With over 70 years in the cookbook publishing business, we’re here to help you publish a cookbook!

Kevin Naughton

Meet the King of Cookbooks, Kevin Naughton. Kevin steers the cookbook ship with big picture ideas for improving Cookbook Publishers, and he always has the customer in mind.

Stephanie Jones

Cookbook Division Manager

Stephanie is the benevolent fairy godmother of cookbooks who keeps Cookbook Publishers running smoothly. Able to jump in on any project, she has her hands in lots of pies, guaranteeing they turn out delicious! Stephanie has been in the business so long, we think she might dream about cookbooks!

Amanda Foster

Administrative Assistant

Amanda is the go-to girl for getting work done. She multi-tasks to make sure production continues as efficiently as possible.

Debbie Crosby

Customer Service Representative

Debbie is one of Cookbook Publishers’ rock-star customer service professionals. Debbie has all the answers, about your cookbook and about life too.


Timely Support

Paying attention to the details for successful cookbook publishing, and getting everything done on time, is what all of our staff is about. We’re here when you need us.

Innovative Ideas

We are willing to go the extra mile in creating your personalized cookbook! With all our knowledge and experience, we are eager to help you through the entire process.

Clear Communication

We are known for our awesome customer service support. It’s like having you own personal assistant to help you navigate through the cookbook publishing experience from start to finish.

Call us at 1.800.227.7282. We can help.

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