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Our founder, R.M. Evans, started Bev-Ron Publishing Co. for the purpose of printing community cookbooks. We’re still going strong today!

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Cookbook publishing is just plain fun. We love to see what our consumers come up with, and even after all these years, every cookbook is unique!

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It is our pleasure and our privilege to help you create your own special cookbook. We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service.

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We offer you more customization options and greater value than our competitors so you can bring your vision to life.

Cookbook Publishers Story

Many Years, Many Changes, Timeless Product


In 1947, R.M. Evans started Bev-Ron Publishing Co.—a family business—for the purpose of printing community cookbooks.

In the early years of Bev-Ron, Mr. Evans contracted with community organizations to print their cookbooks at no cost, and sold advertising to local merchants to pay for the cost of production. Bev-Ron prospered and grew with this plan until the mid-1960s.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Evans pioneered a major change in the industry. Bev-Ron stopped using on-the-road salesmen and introduced a new idea, wherein the cookbook was the fundraising piece, and the organization selling it had greater control over the creation and selling decisions. This model remains essentially unchanged today, and a unique cookbook continues to be a great community fundraiser for local organizations, while the same model also allows individuals and families to create distinctive, professional-quality keepsakes at a reasonable rate.

By 1975, Mr. Evans’ two sons, Ron and Dennis, were both working in the family business. That year, the decision was made to incorporate and rename the company Cookbook Publishers, Inc. R.M. Evans retired and subsequently appointed Ron as President and Dennis as Vice President.

The 1980s were a time of innovation. In 1984, Cookbook Publishers, Inc. was the very first fundraising cookbook company to switch from the typewriter to the more professional typesetting for the recipe pages. We were also the first in the industry to offer toll-free customer service. Today, Cookbook Publishers continues its commitment to investing in new technologies that will benefit our customers.

In 1986, after Ron Evans decided to leave the company, his brother, Dennis Evans, restructured Cookbook Publishers, Inc. as an employee-owned company. This employee-ownership fostered a feeling of group ownership. Employees approached their respective jobs as though Cookbook Publishers, Inc. were their own business—because it was!

The latest chapter of our company’s celebrated history began in 2014, when PrintComm, Inc. recognized the timelessness of the cookbook product and the superior service provided by the customer service representatives at Cookbook Publishers, who have a combined experience totaling over 75 years! A new partnership has enabled us to build upon our tradition of quality and service while creating new opportunities.

We celebrate our past successes, but we also enthusiastically embrace the future and all of its possibilities. One thing remains constant: our commitment to the best!

Because of our commitment to our company, our country, and our customers, Cookbook Publishers chooses to manufacture all of our products in the U.S.A.

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