Fundraising groups all begin with one thing: Passion. Whether your organization is a church, school, library, rescue organization, or dance studio, it started with an “I believe” moment. How did you develop your passion? Was someone you love affected by a disease? Do you want to improve your community in

How Email makes the Fundraising Chairperson’s Job Easier
Email is a powerful communication tool for the fundraising chairperson; you can stay in touch with your members from the comfort of your own home! Use the following tips to stay organized and create a successful fundraiser cookbook!

Create Buy-In With Your Group.

There are many ways to tell people about your personalized cookbook: word-of-mouth, announcements, posters, Facebook, and Twitter. But nothing seals the deal like a bite of something delicious. There’s really no better way to sell cookbooks than to give potential customers a taste of what’s inside. Here are a few

While sales of books overall have decreased in recent years, sales of cookbooks continue to increase. What is the appeal of cookbooks? And, more importantly, how can you harness that appeal to sell your fundraising cookbook?

1. Motives.

Consider why people will want to buy your cookbook. Will they purchase it to

Since 1947, Cookbook Publishers has been turning recipes into cookbooks--and profits--for organizations just like yours! Personalized community cookbooks are more popular than ever. A great cookbook is not only a collection of favorite recipes, but also a source of pride--especially when you put your name on it.

It’s as easy as

Cookbook Publishers Partners With Fundraising Organizations
Dinah Reece learned early the importance of helping people, “I learned that when you help someone else, you are the one who receives the blessing,” she explained.  A career path in teaching helped her realize just how deeply her students touched her life. Her determination

Perfect Ingredients Create Successful Cookbook
Much like a slow-simmering Sunday meal, Canterbury School took the time to select the perfect ingredients for an amazing school fundraiser. And, like any memorable meal, it takes someone in the kitchen who knows the right blend of ingredients.

“This was such a collaboration of talents,” said

Publish Your Cookbook in the Spring
Mother’s Day is a popular time of year for a cookbook fundraiser because cookbooks are full of the best (typically Mom’s) recipes, tried and true. Not only will your community enjoy those delicious recipes, they will be supporting your fundraising efforts in the process. Cookbook

The reasons for publishing a cookbook are as diverse as the groups themselves. From outreach ministries and youth groups to missions and building funds ... from daycares and choirs to anniversary celebrations and fellowship projects ... cookbooks have been the answer in meeting the needs and goals.