Fundraising Goals Met Twice with Cookbook Publishers

Kansha Preschool Creates Cookbook

Kansha Preschool, located in Hawaii, has completed two cookbooks with Cookbook Publishers.  We chatted with Charlene Drose, the Director of the Kansha School in Hawaii, who worked closely with Wendy Higa and their Board Officers during their second cookbook endeavor.

“As a new director, I was full of new ideas,” Charlene admitted. “And bombarded with information from companies that provide fundraising products.” It included everything from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to cookie dough. “Food sells, but why change direction on something that works, especially when our community tends to bake our own?”

Kansha Preschool had a successful cookbook fundraiser in 2012 and understood the entire process, which made the idea of doing another cookbook extremely appealing. Families of the students and members of the community were asked to provide recipes. Many of the recipe contributors that participated in the first cookbook were eager to help with the second one while others who purchased the first cookbook were asking to be included in the second cookbook project! That made the creation of their second cookbook easier and increased their profit potential immediately.

In order to meet their financial goals again, they followed a similar sales approach they used with the first cookbook. They challenged each student to sell five cookbooks. Mind you, Kansha is only licensed for 16 students total and their ages may range from 3-6 years old.  They took advantage of their annual craft fair and sold their cookbooks during the event. The school’s location turned out to be a huge sales advantage. The preschool is located next to the Nisei Veterans Memorial Center which produced another customer segment for sales opportunities. Many cookbooks were purchased as mementos and often sent to the United States for loved ones to receive.

Cookbook sales from 2015 raised over $5,000.00, which will go toward new carpet in all the classrooms. The profits back in 2012 with their first cookbook were comparable, which was why they were open to doing it again. With the exception of flatbread sales, their cookbooks are the main focus for fundraising purposes. Fundraising is an important element for schools, of any size, to ensure students and their environment have what they need to learn.

“Maui is a tight-knit community that celebrates art and cooking is an art,” Charlene said. “If I could offer any advice to those considering a cookbook fundraiser, it would be don’t be nervous or doubt yourself! Cookbooks sell—if we can do it in Hawaii, you can do it anywhere!”