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Help for Making a Cookbook

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Artist Release

If you wish to reproduce a sketch, painting, graphic design, and/or a studio photograph in your book, you may be affected by the Copyright Law of 1977.

The Copyright Law of 1977 is very specific about the reproduction of others’ works of art. We want to protect you from any  ­possible liability, so an Artist Release Form must accompany each work of art you submit. It is important that you review usage rights with the artist and/or photographer whose work you wish to reproduce. If you have questions about the Copyright Law, please give us a call.


If you are interested in copyrighting your cookbook, you may request free information and forms from the Library of Congress.

Bar Codes

If you plan to sell your cookbook at the retail level, consider obtaining a bar code for your ­cookbook. Bar codes can be incorporated into your cover for a small fee.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Another helpful feature if you are planning to sell your cookbook at the retail level is an ISBN, a thirteen-digit number that specifically identifies your title. ISBNs are furnished by the U.S. ISBN Agency.

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