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Make Your Fundraising Cookbook Even More Profitable with Advertising

We’ve talked about the benefits of obtaining sponsorships and selling advertising to help pay for your cookbooks. Did you know you can actually generate even more profit if you give an ad away? Here’s how.

Choose a well-known and frequented merchant in your area – restaurants are good candidates for this type of ad. Be prepared to sell your advertising space by making known the benefits to both the merchant and to your organization. Their ad will appear in a quality cookbook that is around forever – no one ever throws a cookbook away – and it will help your organization raise $XXXX-amount of dollars (think big) towards your goal of ____________ (whatever the funds will be used for). Be specific and candid about the needs of your organization.

Now, ask the restaurant for an add with a coupon to put in your cookbook – something like buy one dinner at $20 and get one dinner free. They get to choose the night, suggest one of their less-busy nights for dining in, and they could include an expiration date if desired. Look at what happens. The restaurant just increased traffic on a slow night, you sold cookbooks at a higher price of $15, and the person who purchased your cookbook gets a free $20 meal. That more than covered the cost of the cookbook they bought.

Here’s how the numbers break down for 500 books with 400 recipes, and your potential profit by giving away an ad page:

Description Quantity Price Total
Base Price 500 $  3.40 $1700.00
Ad page 1 $40.00 $     40.00
Estimated Total $1740.00
Suggested Selling Price $    15.00
X Number of books          500
Estimated Total $7500.00
Less cost of order – 1740.00
Estimated Profit $5760.00

Without the ad:

Description Quantity Price Total
Base Price 500 $3.40 $1700.00
Estimated Total $1700.00
Suggested Selling Price $ 10.50
X Number of books 500
Estimated Total $5250.00
Less cost of order – 1700.00
Estimated Profit $3550.00


You netted an additional $2170.00 by giving away a $40 page ad. How great is that? Download our free advertising packet today and get started! Now, who is the first merchant on your list to contact today?

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