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Cooking With Love

Cookbook Publishers Partners With Fundraising Organizations

Dinah Reece learned early the importance of helping people, “I learned that when you help someone else, you are the one who receives the blessing,” she explained.  A career path in teaching helped her realize just how deeply her students touched her life. Her determination and dedication to help children ultimately led her to Cookbook Publishers. “I went online to get some names of companies.  After looking at websites, I ordered some free cookbook kits,” Dinah relayed.  “I spent several days comparing the kits, and then I called the top two companies I was interested in working with.  It only took one phone call to Cookbook Publishers for me to know that was the company I wanted to work with!”

“The U-Type-It™ Online program was so easy to use which also influenced my decision to go with Cookbook Publishers,” she added. “I have been 100% satisfied with the company and with my finished cookbook!”

“I love everything about my cookbook!  I am especially pleased with the custom cover and with the divider pages!” said Dinah.  Done in colored pencil, the full color custom DIY cover was created by an artist friend, Megan Davis Parlow. “Because all the money from the sale of this cookbook was going to benefit children and since I am a retired teacher, I wanted my divider pages to portray my love of children.  The free Alphabet Soup divider set was the perfect choice for my cookbook!”

“Sales of the cookbook have been beyond my wildest imagination!” Dinah said. She partnered with Mindy Bloom, the Development Coordinator for the Ronald McDonald House, in marketing the books. Dinah and Mindy have found themselves on three local news/talk show radio stations as well as being featured in articles appearing in several magazines.  And, “Cooking with Love…The House That Love Built” has played a prominent role in area annual events that benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Cookbook Publishers has many marketing tips and sales advice to help organizations be as successful as Dinah!

“Publishing this cookbook has allowed me to delete two items from my ‘bucket list’…publishing a cookbook and raising money for the Ronald McDonald House,” Dinah laughed. In addition to the many hours she volunteers at the facility, she has managed to raise well in excess of $22,500 with sales from her cookbook!

In closing, Dinah made this heartfelt request: “If you have a healthy child, you are blessed.  If you’ve ever had a child sick enough to be in the hospital, I hope you were blessed enough to have a Ronald McDonald House to help you.  The Ronald McDonald House keeps families together at a time when they need it most.  Won’t you help our House help others?”