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Opportunities at a Global Corporation It’s 2001. I find myself an enthusiastic and naïve “newbie” employee with a global corporation. I was active with the social committee, safety team and newspaper staff. I was so honored to be invited to sit on the Diversity Council. Gathered around a huge conference table

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” - Mother Teresa Helping Others Since 1947 For almost 70 years, Cookbook Publishers has been in the business of helping groups like yours. We have published thousands of custom cookbooks for non-profit organizations, churches, schools, businesses,

Summer is the perfect time to plan a family reunion (and a family cookbook!). Follow these easy steps to create a family reunion that everyone will enjoy and remember! Who’s Invited? – It sounds odd, but this is the first step to planning any event. Are you looking to invite intermediate

Fundraising Goals Met Twice with Cookbook Publishers Kansha Preschool, located in Hawaii, has completed two cookbooks with Cookbook Publishers.  We chatted with Charlene Drose, the Director of the Kansha School in Hawaii, who worked closely with Wendy Higa and their Board Officers during their second cookbook endeavor. “As a new director,

Advertising in Your Cookbook Makes "Cents"! If you are looking for a fail-safe way to take some – or all – of the financial risk out of your cookbook fundraiser, look to corporate sponsorships from your community. Some of our customers have told us they have a corporate sponsor who has

Fundraising groups all begin with one thing: Passion. Whether your organization is a church, school, library, rescue organization, or dance studio, it started with an “I believe” moment. How did you develop your passion? Was someone you love affected by a disease? Do you want to improve your community in

How Email makes the Fundraising Chairperson’s Job Easier Email is a powerful communication tool for the fundraising chairperson; you can stay in touch with your members from the comfort of your own home! Use the following tips to stay organized and create a successful fundraiser cookbook! Create Buy-In With Your Group.

There are many ways to tell people about your personalized cookbook: word-of-mouth, announcements, posters, Facebook, and Twitter. But nothing seals the deal like a bite of something delicious. There’s really no better way to sell cookbooks than to give potential customers a taste of what’s inside. Here are a few

While sales of books overall have decreased in recent years, sales of cookbooks continue to increase. What is the appeal of cookbooks? And, more importantly, how can you harness that appeal to sell your fundraising cookbook? 1. Motives. Consider why people will want to buy your cookbook. Will they purchase it to

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