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A proud patriot from Dayton, OH, Laura Macy is a member of the Ladies Auxiliaries of VFW Post 9927. “It had been suggested that we try a cookbook project as a fundraiser to help our Veterans and Family Support committee,” Laura explained, and so she began the work to initiate a cookbook called, What’s Cooking at VFW Post 9927?

As the chairperson of an ambitious fundraiser, Laura says she appreciated the support she received from Cookbook Publishers. “I found that the staff at Cookbook Publishers ‘held my hand’ and was always available to answer questions.”

The result of Laura’s hard work and enthusiasm is a cookbook so popular it is now back-ordered. “We ordered an additional 200 books from Cookbook Publishers because we have a waiting list at this point!” Laura exclaimed.

And while the funds have benefited the veterans, Laura says the cookbook has had an even bigger impact. “Interestingly enough, this project has benefited our organization morally and emotionally. We all support our veterans of course, but through this project, we’ve also planted seeds of respect and affection for each other.”

Laura Macy made her dream of helping local veterans in her area a reality through Cookbook Publishers, and we’re proud of her enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. We were honored to be part of this great story!

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Historic National Road Yard Sale Cookbook

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Laura Macy